LOVEWILLITON.CO.UK is the voice of a forum set up by local people who care about the community of Williton, people who care about the village as it is now, and about its future. The LOVEWILLITON group comprises local residents, local traders and local business people, and we are keen to keep it that way so that we can all work together to achieve the best for the village.

We are a voice for the community

 We can be your voice if you want us to be

Between us the group has many ideas about improving the community as a whole in terms of services, opportunities, quality of life, you name it – we may well be thinking about it already! We know we can’t work miracles, but we do believe strongly that to a large extent the community, any community, is master of its own destiny. If we don’t at least try to influence the way things go then we have no grounds for complaint if things don’t turn out the way we would like.

But we are not the ones who really matter…………It is YOU who really matter

We, as a working group, can only succeed if the paths we embark on are the ones you want us to. On the basis that we aim to represent the village as a whole, then yes, there is much for us to do in the future, and this website will keep you in the picture as things develop. But right now there is one issue of overriding importance. It is an issue which could change your daily habits, and radically change Williton as we know and love it.

 We must focus on the proposed supermarket decvelopment.

As a group, and bear in mind we are residents, traders and business people, we are wholly and utterly united in our dismay about what the future may bring should this development go ahead.

If you want to find out why we are so strongly against it 

click on the “We object because…” tab above.

Our thanks to all those who took the time to make an official protest to the local authority. From the number of protest made it’s pretty clear how the najority of people  feel.

Thanks also to those who signed our petition. The numbers speak for themselves!

Of course, you may be in favour of the development. If this is so, then we respect your opinion but our position hasn’t changed.

We are committed to ensuring that Williton thrives as a centre for local groups, organisations, businesses and employment. This means that we are most definitely not against development in the village. Indeed we actively encourage developments that will enhance the prosperity and vitality of Williton for us and for future generations. What we are most emphatically against is any development that is out character, out of scale, and which presents a threat to the village as we know it.


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